Terminology used on this site.

PAT – Portable Appliance Testing. The In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

Fixed Wire Testing. The Inspection and testing process of the electrical system installed to serve a premise. A Periodic Inspection is to ensure that the electrical installation is safe for continued use.

110v. Equipment. Tools and appliances powered using a transformer that steps down the voltage to 110v. Items for use on building sites, (drills, sanders, etc.) where the power may not be available during a build, demolition or reconstruction. These tools are also used for additional safety in harsh environments.(See image below)

415v Equipment. Fixed items that need additional power other than the standard 230v supplied to power most electrical items. Heavy machinery is a good example using a red commando plug.

Commando plugs /sockets. Plugs used to power items that need addition protection when in use. Using a heavy duty connection and a stronger, more durable flex. NB: Yellow 110v/Blue 230/240v/Red 415v.

Emergency lighting. Lighting that is powered by battery packs to function in the event of a power cut or fire. Lighting also includes exit and warning signs that would need to be illuminated during an emergency.